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Over the past 12 months, due to movement restrictions set in place in the United Kingdom, online medical providers have been used much more than ever before. Based on internet search trends, the top three online medical providers in the UK are Superdrug online doctor, Lloyds online doctor and the NHS online doctor service. According to studies carried out by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB), anti-anxiety medications were the most popular products prescribed, followed by sleeping pills for treating insomnia, and painkillers came in third place.

In light of these findings, we created, a one stop 24-hour online doctor service to help people get medication for the most common conditions delivered to their door quickly. In order to purchase medication from us, customers are not required to provide a doctor's prescription. Simply browse the categories below to see the full range of medication available for treating anxiety, insomnia and pain.

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What is an Online Doctor?

The term online doctor is relatively new and is used to describe medical professionals that provide medical advice and prescribe medication over the internet. Health advice is currently the second most searched online topic (photography is first). A 2006 study carried out in the US discovered that searching for medication, both prescription and over the counter pills, for self-treatment was the fifth most popular search topic.

To ensure standards are met, online doctor services in the UK are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Why Use an Online Doctor?

There are many reasons why people decide to use an online doctor but mostly it boils down to convenience. For many, getting time off work to visit a doctor surgery is unrealistic and because an online doctor appointment can be carried out via live chat it means it can be done from anywhere that is convenient to the patient.

Another top reason why people seek medical advice and treatment online is down to embarrassment.

Now rather that putting off a doctor appointment due to lack of time or embarrassment patients can simply take part in an online doctor appointment and get the medication they need delivered to their home.

With many common conditions, and when customers already know what medication they need, it can be purchased directly from our online doctor website without the need for an appointment or a doctor's prescription!

How an Online Doctor Can Help

As mentioned above, the most common ailments reported to, and treated by online doctor services are anxiety, insomnia and pain. Most of the time patients simply need medical advice regarding the best medication to treat a particular condition.

Anxiety: Everyone suffers from anxiety from time to time – it's that feeling you get before your first day on a new job, or before a first date. Anxiety is a normal part of every day life; it is a completely natural response to new or exciting situations and feelings of anxiety will generally pass once the person has gotten used to the situation.

People that suffer from anxiety disorder - a very common mental health condition - feel anxious and worried constantly and can generally benefit from a mixture of therapy and anti-anxiety medication to help them sleep at night.

Our best-selling medications in this range are alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium).

Insomnia: Just like anxiety, everyone suffers from sleepless nights from time to time. Insomnia is generally caused by major life events such as the excitement of starting a new job, moving house, or the death of a loved one. This type of insomnia will generally last for a short time and will pass once the person has gotten more comfortable with the situation.

People that suffer from chronic insomnia - a period of sleeplessness that lasts for more than 2 - 3 months - are advised to seek treatment. Chronic sleep deprivation can have drastic consequences on both our physical and mental wellbeing and patients that let insomnia go untreated are twice as likely to develop mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Our best-selling medications in this range are zopiclone (Zimovane) and zolpidem (Ambien).

Pain: Like insomnia and anxiety, everyone knows what pain feels like. Some of the most common types of pain reported in the United Kingdom are lower back pain, knee pain, stomach pain and chest pain. In most cases the pain is a result of a minor injury, will need little or no treatment, and will only cause mild discomfort for a short period of time.

Pain that lasts for longer that 12 weeks is called persistent, or chronic pain. In some cases, the pain from even a minor injury may linger around for extended periods of time and patients may be required to use painkillers. People living with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and back pain often experience chronic pain and require strong painkillers to provide extended pain relief on a long-term basis.

Our best-selling medications in this range are tramadol (Ultram), pregabalin (Lyrica) and Co-codamol.

Our Online Doctor is Free

If you are suffering from crippling anxiety, sleep deprivation or chronic pain, you can speak to a doctor online for free today! Customers can use our phone line or free online doctor chat service. While standard local (UK) rates apply when calling our clinic, our online doctor chat service is 100% free of charge.

All medication sold on our website is available without a doctor's prescription and is sent for delivery the next day after we receive payment. All goods are sent from our UK pharmacy warehouse and delivery to addresses in the United Kingdom generally takes just 2 to 4 working days. Customers that live in other European countries can also use our platform hassle free but should allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery.

Take the first step to recovery by booking an online doctor appointment, or by browsing our full range of medication and our blog spot.

If you have any questions about the goods or services provided on our website you can contact our support team 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Published: 20 February 2021
Review Due: February 2022

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