Gabapentin for anxiety РGabapentin tablets  This kind of long-lived affliction is called chronic pain, and it could last from six months to several years.

Pain on its own may be a natural bodily response. Still, humans are not meant to be under that kind of agony for prolonged periods. If it goes untreated, it could eventually cause your mental health to deteriorate. We know just how important it is to look after our mental health, especially in these modern days. Anyone can tell you just how debilitating it could be when you fall into a deep depression. On top of that, if your depression is caused by the constant discomfort of pain, finding motivation could be challenging.

Are you struggling with acute or chronic pain? Do you need a potent painkiller to help you protect your mental wellbeing? Are you having trouble gathering the mental fortitude to consult your doctor for a prescription? Then you can always just use our services instead. As an online pharmacy, we can assist you in getting a medicine that is consistently among the top 10 prescribed pain pills worldwide, Gabapentin.

What is Gabapentin?

Gabapentin first became available under the brand name Neurontin in 1993. At the time, the medicine was purely used to treat partial seizures in adults. By the year 2000, it was discovered to be safe for children to use, and as such, it was then also used to treat partial seizures in minors. Around the time the medicine went generic, in 2004, Gabapentin was used to treat postherpetic neuralgia, the most common complication of shingles.

Since it became a generic medicine, Gabapentin became far more accessible because it has far fewer restrictions on it. This is why you can get it through us without needing a prescription. No effort or driving around, just going online and hitting the buy button. But what is a generic medicine, and is it worth considering?

The answer is yes because generic medicines are equally high quality as the original. When a generic medicine is made, it would be one using the same recipe as the original treatment, even though it is sold under a different name and price. Because of this process, generic medicines can only be legally made after the expiry of the patent.

gabapentin tablets

Gabapentin is an analogue for the Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurotransmitter in the system. This means that it functions by influencing the chemical activity in the central nervous system. Everyone has over 40 different neurotransmitters, each with its own unique purpose. The purpose of the GABA neurotransmitter, in particular, is to reduce activity in the central nervous system.

The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord, which is how we perceive emotions and feelings. It does so by using different neurotransmitters, which are essentially chemical messengers. Being an analogue means that Gabapentin is structurally similar to the GABA neurotransmitter, but there are slight differences. These subtle differences are why Gabapentin functions differently from the benzodiazepines that also affect the GABA levels.

By reducing activity in the central nervous system, the medicine reduces the ability to send specific messages to the brain. As such, it stifles the ability to feel pain, among other things. Because of this function, Gabapentin also has several off-label uses. So much so that you can use the treatment for a wide variety of disorders.

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Although Gabapentin was initially used to treat partial seizures, it is also very effective in treating acute and chronic pain. In some patients, it can reduce the sense of discomfort by as much as 50 percent. You can use it to treat any form of pain, from lower back pain to the pain associated with shingles. Many even use it to help prevent migraines from forming.

Even so, the medicine has several off-label uses, which is how it became famous. Some of its most prominent usages include anxiety and insomnia. Because these conditions are often linked, Gabapentin acts as a dual treatment. Still, stress can cause much more than just having trouble falling asleep. It could also lead a several much more severe conditions, like diabetes and heart disease.

Gabapentin is also widely used for mental disorders like mania, bipolar disorder, and depression. As depression is often linked to chronic pain, this is another example of how the treatment can help with multiple conditions simultaneously. Some of the other conditions Gabapentin is used for include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • To overcome alcoholism
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • To help stop smoking
  • Itchy skin
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

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Typically, you should start with a single tablet of Gabapentin every day, once a day. After a while, your body will adjust to it, and you would up the dosage to 2 pills a day, once every 12 hours. Eventually, you would increase the dosage to a maximum of 600 mg every 8 hours. On the other hand, the extended-release pill only needs to be used once daily. Starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it over an appropriate time frame.

Gabapentin takes about 1 to 2 weeks before you start to experience the full benefits, and it has a half-life of 5 to 7 hours. This means that half of the dose will leave your system over this period. However, it will still remain active in your system for considerably longer.

You can take the treatment with or without food, without suffering any consequences. Still, you should wait at least 2 hours after using antacid because it contains magnesium and aluminium.

The recommended storage space for your Gabapentin is in the refrigerator, considering it should be kept away from excess heat and direct sunlight. Still, if you store it in the fridge, ensure you take measures so that children cannot reach it.

How to Take Gabapentin Safely?

Because Gabapentin is an FDA approved medicine, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when using it. As long as you follow the dosage instruction and you do not go over the maximum dosage, a healthy adult should not have any trouble. Still, there are several things that you should not use together with Gabapentin, including alcohol.

However, if you decide to stop using the medicine, you should do so gradually. Gabapentin is habit-forming, and because of this, it could cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to avoid this. All you need to do is practise a tapering off period when you want to stop using the treatment.

There is an ideal duration a tapering off period should be, but typically you can use 2 weeks as a standard. During this period, you will gradually reduce the dosage strength until you are using the weakest dose. After that, you should be able to discontinue the use of Gabapentin without any withdrawal symptoms, or at least have a very modest version of it.

Possible Gabapentin Side Effects

The side effects of Gabapentin are generally well-tolerated as long as you do not go over the recommended amount. However, the side effects should not appear as long as you follow the dosage guide and give your body enough time to adjust to the treatment. In some cases, the side effects could occur regardless, and in that case, you might need to lower the dosage strength.

The side effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Feeling sleepy
  • Dry mouth
  • Blurred vision
  • Mood changes
  • Being sick
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea

The classic side effects do not require any medical attention. However, suppose you are not eligible for Gabapentin. Whether it is because you have a pre-existing condition or if you are using clashing medicine, severe side effects could manifest.

If you experience any severe adverse effects, seek immediate medical attention. Still, to ensure that you have all the knowledge required to avoid it altogether, check out the patient information leaflet on our website. The page will contain a complete list of the side effects, what causes them, and a full list of medicines you should not use in parallel to Gabapentin.

The Benefits of Gabapentin

Gabapentin is a fantastic treatment that can numb several forms of pain, among other things. On top of how effective the medicine is, it is highly potent. Since it became available as a generic medication, it has become more accessible because online pharmacies like us can deliver it to your front door. All our deliveries are also in unlabelled packaging, ensuring that you do not need to worry about your privacy being intruded upon

However, Gabapentin being available through our online pharmacy carries several more benefits than just a delivery service. We also distribute it without needing a prescription and at a much lower cost. The price is because of online pharmacies advantage over the traditional medicine shop.

We conduct all our business purely through the online platform. This means we do not have to pay for prime business real estate, which alone is very expensive. We can also function with fewer staff members, meaning that we do not need to pay as many salaries. Lower cost of operations means lower mark-up on our products.

This, paired with the fact that the internet is a highly competitive platform, means that we can, and need to lower the price as much as possible, to the benefit of our clients.

Before You Buy Gabapentin

Gabapentin is widely available, and you could get it at any pharmacy. However, if you were to get it from your local pharmacy, you would only be able to do so with permission from your doctor. This means that you would first need to pay the consultation fee to meet with a medical professional and get a prescription before reaching the starting line.

Additionally, very few pharmacies stock the generic version. You would most likely only be able to get the overpriced brand name counterpart, Neurontin. Because of this, getting it through the classic pharmacies is not impossible, but it is expensive.

If you were to get it through our online pharmacy, on the other hand, you would be able to avoid all those expenses and effort. We are equipped to distribute medicines like Gabapentin over long distances, and because of the advantages, we have over the high street pharmacies, at a much lower cost.

Our deliveries usually take about 4 to 7 working days, and we deliver anywhere in the EU. However, patients who live in the UK are in luck, because we are a UK based company. Our domestic deliveries are very swift, only taking about 2 to 4 days.

Buy Gabapentin Online Without a Prescription

Now that you have all the knowledge of how Gabapentin functions and how effective it is, nothing is stopping you from getting the treatment for yourself. Through our online pharmacy, you can get it as easy as clicking on the item and viewing the product page. From here, select the amount you need and add it to your cart. While choosing the amount, you can take advantage of our discount system that lowers the price based on the quantity you choose. As such, you can enjoy massive discounts through bulk purchases while also having the option to get smaller deals based on your needs.

Once you are happy with the item or items in your cart, head to the checkout page to pay. We accept Visa and MasterCard, but for those who prefer to use a digital method, we also accept bank transfers and Bitcoin. After paying, you will receive an email containing all the relevant information about your delivery. It will include the confirmation of payment, the estimated delivery date, and the name we will appear as on your bank statement.

In case of a delay, or any complication with your parcel, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support centre. They are well trained and equipped to be able to help you with any enquiries that you might have.

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