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By: Annabelle Clarke
Apr 14, 2021

There are various Xanax dosages available on the pharmaceutical market. These varying doses are available as tablets, intended for oral administration, in the regular-release and extended-release formulations. This anti-anxiety medicine can also be found as liquid concentrates and oral disintegrating tablets.

  • Regular-release: these are also known as immediate-release tablets. They are formulated to dissolve and release the active ingredient of the medication without any delay or prolonged dissolution of the therapeutic.

    Medications are developed as regular-release tablets or capsules so that a patient may experience fast relief from their symptoms. The effect can be felt as soon as the active component of the medicine is released and absorbed into the bloodstream. The available Xanax dosages in immediate-release formulations include 0.25 mg, 5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg tablets.
  • Extended-release: these formulations of this therapeutic are designed to release the active component over an extended period of time and in a controlled manner. They differ from the immediate-release forms in that they slowly release the therapeutic ingredient into the body (generally over 12 to 24 hours). These Xanax formulations are available in 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg and 3 mg dosages.
  • Oral disintegrating: these are similar to conventional tablets in that they are administered orally. However, oral disintegrating tablets are dissolved on the tongue rather than being swallowed whole.
  • Other formulations: this anti-anxiety medication is also marketed as an oral concentrate, which is essentially a liquid formulation, in a 1 mg/ml concentration.
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How to Take Xanax

This medication is typically formulated as medicines intended for oral consumption. The regular and extended-release tablets are to be administered in the conventional manner, that is, the tablets ought to be swallowed with a drink of water. The tablets should be swallowed in whole form, this means that the medication is not intended to be broken, crushed or chewed. Doing so may release the active ingredient at a quicker rate than usual and adversely affect the therapeutic action.

Water, or a non-alcoholic drink, is essential when orally administering this medicine as it aids in the passage of the therapeutic in the body. Once ingested, the tablets can only be effective once processed by the digestive system and subsequently, the active components are absorbed by the bloodstream. Having a glass of water when taking Xanax 1 mg will assist in moving the medication from the oesophagus to the stomach, where it can be processed.

The oral disintegrating tablets do not have to be ingested with a glass of water. These are soluble and rapidly dissolve on the tongue, once administered. Their formulation allows the Xanax effects to be experienced at a much swifter rate.

The liquid form of this anti-anxiety medicine should also be administered orally. It can be taken on its own or mixed into a beverage, such as juice, or a semi-solid food, such as applesauce. This formulation should be measured out using the medicinal dropper, with which it is packaged. Using a household spoon may lead to incorrect measurements. Moreover, the oral concentrate should be used as soon as the bottle dispenser is opened and none should be saved for future use.

How Many Xanax Is Safe to Take?

It is safe to use three Xanax 0.5 mg tablets, a day (spread out in even treatment periods). This should be considered as an initial dosage when treatment begins but can be increased based on the response of the patient. The general maximum dosage per day is 10 mg so this amount should not be exceeded.

The typical prescribed doses of Xanax anxiety medication range from 0.25 mg to 5 mg but in some cases, the dosage may be higher, particularly for the treatment of panic disorders. This, however, also depends on your medical profile and how well you tolerate the medicine. Other factors that can influence your advised Xanax dosages include your age, bodyweight and metabolism.

How To Wean Off Xanax

Long-term users of alprazolam can sometimes become physically dependent on this benzodiazepine medication. This is a condition where the body has become so accustomed to the therapeutic that it ‘depends’ on the medication to function properly.

If one has become dependent on Xanax 2 mg tablets, or other Xanax dosages, the minimum period for tapering off the medication is a few days or weeks. Tapering refers to the process of gradually reducing the amount of medicine you take, until you can safely stop taking the tablets.

In general, the dosage should not be reduced by more than 0.5 mg every 3 days at the end of treatment. Some people, however, may benefit from an even slower discontinuation. In a study that involved patients with panic disorder, a slower tapering process was associated with fewer withdrawal symptoms.

The method of gradual tapering is vital to minimise the risk of serious withdrawal symptoms. An abrupt discontinuation of treatment can send the body into ‘shock’ and hence, allow for the development of undesirable withdrawal symptoms.

Physical dependence on benzodiazepines is normally seen in people who misuse this medicine. This can include taking the tablets for longer than a person should or using amounts greater than what is recommended.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 40% to 50% of those who misuse prescription medications tend to relapse and start using the therapeutic at higher dosages within a year after starting the discontinuation process. With effective methods, such as gradual tapering, those who have become dependent on the medicine can effectively wean off of it.

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Best Xanax Dose

With so many different Xanax dosages being recommended for different conditions and disorders, it can be difficult to decide which dose is best for you. The general rule of thumb is to take the lowest effective dosage, at any given time. This will allow room to increase the dosage if needed, as well as minimise your risk of Xanax side effects.

The best Xanax dose is unique to the condition being treated and how you respond to the medicine, as every medication works differently for each person. What may be suitable for one individual may not necessarily be suited to you, and vice versa. Personal experiences relating to varied dosages of these anti-anxiety medication can be acquired through informative user reviews. You can find this, and other information, when you buy alprazolam online.

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